Top Reasons Why Companies Leave Their MSP’s – The Captain’s Chair Solution

November 15, 2019 Top Reasons Why Companies Leave Their MSP’s – The Captain’s Chair Solution

By Phillip Myers

Every MSP knows how it important it is to maintain positive relationships with clients; after all, it’s a lot harder and more expensive to acquire a new client than it is to retain an existing one. Understanding the most common reasons why companies leave their MSPs is the first step toward achieving client loyalty– implementing a solution that addresses those issues will take you the rest of the way there. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why companies end up ditching their MSPs and talk about how Captain’s Chair can solve those problems.

Problem: Communication and response time
The Captain’s Chair Solution: Clients can get frustrated when there’s a seeming lack of communication regarding issues related to incidents. If an organization feels that response times for open tickets are lagging, it won’t be long until they find themselves a new MSP. Captain’s Chair can bridge the communication gap, giving clients the opportunity to see their full ticket history along with any notes associated with those tickets. The platform even allows them to add their own notes to tickets. This level of visibility and communication sets a client’s mind at ease and can reduce calls to the service desk.

Problem: Lack of transparency
The Captain’s Chair Solution: Clients often feel like they need to blindly trust their MSP to do the right thing; however, most organizations would prefer a more active partnership with their service provider. With Captain’s Chair, clients can “trust but verify”. Organizations don’t have to worry that their MSP is selling them products and services that aren’t necessary just to increase revenue; instead, they can feel confident that their MSP is acting as a trusted partner.

Problem: Unclear expectations
The Captain’s Chair Solution: Over time, client infrastructure inevitably becomes out of date or out of warranty. As an organization’s servers, workstations and networking elements age, their environments are likely to fail more often. Unfortunately, these situations often cause friction with IT MSPs as clients blame them for the issues. With the help of Captain’s Chair, MSPs can proactively communicate and set expectations for clients. They can provide their clients with clear roadmaps for hardware and software refreshes and set the stage for their digital transformation through regular business reviews.

It’s no surprise that clients are quick to leave their MSP if they feel they’re left out of the loop. Organizations are no longer content to simply outsource certain functions to a managed service provider– they want to take a more active role in the management of these functions. The Captain’s Chair platform provides the transparency, visibility and accountability clients need to feel confident in your service. Put your clients in the Captain’s Chair and watch your client retention rates grow.